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Chattanooga Preparatory School is an all-boys public charter school that opened its doors to sixty 6th grade students in August 2018. Located in the Highland Park area close to downtown Chattanooga, Chattanooga Prep is positioned to provide a unique and impactful educational opportunity for the young men in our urban communities.

Chattanooga Prep offers:

  • Small class sizes to provide individualized instruction
  • Rigorous academic programs to support student achievement
  • Project-based learning integrating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)
  • Literacy across the curriculum to inspire a love of reading and improve proficiency
  • Extended school days and summer programs to provide extra academic enrichment
  • Social-emotional development strategies to promote leadership, self-discipline, and resilience
  • Community & family engagement to build multiple support networks
Chattanooga Preparatory School
Chattanooga Preparatory School
Chattanooga Preparatory School


Find your role in building the men of tomorrow and join the Chattanooga Prep family today.


We want to change the lives of young men in Chattanooga

Chattanooga Prep is a school for the young men and future of Chattanooga. We’ve opened our doors to students to walk with them towards a better future for themselves, their families and the city of Chattanooga

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Faculty and Staff

Help change the lives of young men in the heart of Chattanooga

Want to be part of the team that is rethinking traditional education and empowering the lives of young men in Chattanooga? If our vision, mission, and core values resonate with you, apply today and join our team!



  • How Chattanooga's new all-boys charter school plans to help students succeed

    "Nothing can stop him, he's all the way up!"Boys clad in khakis and ties, sweatshirts with "PREP" written in bold letters and dress shoes shout from their seats in a cafeteria in Chattanooga's Highland Park neighborhood."Nothing can stop him, HE'S ALL THE WAY UP!"The 65 sixth-grade boys shout these song lyrics as their math teacher waves a wrestling championship-style belt in his arms and pumps the boys to scream louder."D.J., D.J., D.J., D.J., D.J.!"The cafeteria erupts as one of their peers, s...  Read More >

  • Crossfit event raises money for Chattanooga Prep School students

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Saturday, 3 Bridges Cross Fit partnered with the Chattanooga Preparatory School for a fitness fundraiser. The event called "WODanooga," for workout of the day, raised money for school uniforms for the school's students.Chattanooga Prep will open in August.   Read More >

  • Cook: Counting the days for Chattanooga Prep

    On Feb. 14, one of the most radiant, gallantly promising ideas landed on the desk of Hamilton County Schools Interim Superintendent Kirk Kelly and his staff.It was the 261-page proposal for a new charter school called Chattanooga Prep.It's one of the finest ideas in local public education in the last 10 years.Continue Reading HERE   Read More >

  • Cook: Chattanooga, meet the young men of 2029

    Last Saturday, as their parents pushed back dinner plates and settled into their chairs, 66 young men from across this city — nearly all of them African-American or Hispanic — stood shoulder to shoulder near the front of a Highland Park gymnasium at the end of their weekend retreat and recited — no, shouted — one of history's most epic poems."It matters not how strait the gate!" they began. "How charged with punishments the scroll!"The poem is Henl...  Read More >

  • Inaugural Chattanooga Prep school class greeted by hundreds

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — In April of 2017, the Hamilton County school board approved an all-boys public charter school in Chattanooga.On Thursday, it opened its doors to 67 sixth-graders who said they are excited to be a part of history."I was just kind of nervous and just kind of surprised," said Hemric Juarez Mendoza, a new student and the class president."With how many parents and people came to for us just for our first day."Over 300 men welcomed Hemric and his school m...  Read More >

  • Chattanooga Prep Opens Doors to First Class of Boys

    Despite the Election Day traffic, despite the steady downpour of rain, despite first-day jitters, there was joy in the air Thursday as the 66 new students of Chattanooga Preparatory School were greeted by more than 300 men to start the school day for the first time.Chattanooga Prep, the city's first all-boys public charter school, founded by Ted and Kelly Alling and partnered with Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, officially opened its doors.Elaine Swafford, executive director of both CG...  Read More >

  • Chatt Prep Recruits First Class of Boys, Mentors...

    It's been almost a year since Chattanooga Preparatory School was approved to open its doors to 60 sixth-grade boys in the fall of 2018, and things are moving along.More than 60 boys have been selected to join the new public charter school when it opens its doors, administrators and staff have been hired, even uniforms have been ordered."It happened pretty quickly, and then we moved forward," said Elaine Swafford, CEO of Chattanooga Prep and its sister school, Chattanooga Girls Lead...  Read More >

  • Golf Tournament 2018

    Susan and John Dever are excited to host CGLA and Chatt Prep's 6th Annual Golf Classic, Thursday, June 7, 2018 at the Creeks Bend Golf Course. Gather your team and your sponsorship and let the games begin! From trophies, putting contests, good food and extreme competition, the day is a fun way to support a great cause.   Read More >

  • Registration begins for the first class of 6th graders at Chattanooga Preparatory School

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Registration for Chattanooga Preparatory School, the brand new all male charter school, started yesterday, November 15, and runs until December 15.Two of the old Tennessee Temple buildings will house the new school and are currently under construction. The first classes will be in the fall of 2018.In August, the school will open its doors to their first class of sixty 6th graders.Read More   Read More >

  • Chatt Prep, a new all-boys school, waits for school board approval

    More than two months ago, leaders of Chattanooga Preparatory School submitted an application to Hamilton County Schools to start an all-boys public charter school in 2018.The school plans to build off of the nationally recognized success of Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy and provide boys with the support needed to counteract the crippling effect poverty can have on education.Hamilton County Schools officials had said the board would vote on the charter Wednesday night, but district officia...  Read More >

  • Chattanooga Prep Approved to Open its Doors in 2018

    Chattanooga Preparatory School will welcome 60 sixth-grade boys into its classrooms in the fall of 2018, after the Hamilton County Board of Education voted to approve the charter school Thursday night.Ted and Kelly Alling announced plans last year to open the all-boys charter school...Read More   Read More >